The Mind of the Technocratic Tyranny

Oracular Intelligence

The mind is a beautiful instrument. It’s beautiful because it can help us play music, understand beautiful ideas, solve puzzles, see the world in unique and complex ways.  Even more, the mind can help us see things in a multi-layered way, as multi-dimensional, as infinitely complex. We use mathematics to express what we see, but can’t quite articulate in language. We can speak of things that, at the same time, seems to elude our natural perception. We can talk about infinity, and yet never experience it directly. In that sense, that feeling of infinity is somehow closely connected to the mathematical representation of infinity, the unknown, the deep darkness that has no end. In a poem, or in a lifetime, we could even call this “death”.

Mathematics and geometry are used in ways to extract the structure from our world of physical perception. Through these methods of mind, we can…

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