One World Order: through the use of usury, speculation and debt-based fiat currency, the ruling class has acquired the real, physical, tangible ownership and control of the world’s needed, natural and precious resources over the course of nearly two thousand years. This means land, metals, water, energy, food, medicine. This has allowed for gains in political clout across the globe. This means that policy aka legislation aka law is created that works to the benefits of the ruling class. Laws of nations are made in the spirit of One World Order.

They now aim for the acquisition of authority over the very fabric of our existence…

Desultory Heroics

By Julian Rose

Source: Waking Times

‘Guile’ and ‘cunning’ are two words that seldom feature in the modern vernacular, yet we need them now – because our species is under an unprecedented level of sustained attack – and it is guile and cunning that is being used to disguise this attack as some form of benevolent protection. The hypnotic effect this deception is having on mankind threatens to render our species extinct.

Who would guess? After all, those who believe what they read in the press and see on TV are sure they are being ‘saved’ not sacrificed.

Saved from Covid, global warming, the Russians and of course ‘terrorists’. While individuals in possession of a reasonable degree of awareness recognise that those calling the shots are trying to pull-off some grand plan which will leave them in charge of all the material avenues of daily life. What Klaus Schwab, director…

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