Why Wait For Live Virus Vaccine

Highly appreciate this type of information and perspective. Taking into account that the word Vaccine has been injected into the world wide vernacular in less than two full years…

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Modern science is, as usual, messing with things it does not understand. Nanoparticle, genetic and viral vector vaccines all use virus’ genetic code or part of genetic code to provoke an immune response and thus provide immunity. These can be produced quickly, but there are problems.

Namely, such novel vaccines do not work very well. Fact that only elements of the actual virus are present mean that they cannot fully stimulate the immune system, making it less able to deal with any potential future mutations of the virus. This also means that they do not provide good long-term immunity, requiring frequent revaccinations. This is of course ideal for the industry, but not for the people. Most new vaccines also use principles which had never been used in production vaccines, making it uncertain how effective they will be. mRNA technology used by Moderna and Pfizer, for example, has never been actually…

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