Andrea Haugen (1969-2021) aka Nebelhexë • Murdered in Kongsberg Bow and Arrow Attack (Norway)

Friday • October 22, 2021

By: Eric

Last week, on October 13, 2021, a deadly bow and arrow attack in Norway which left five people dead appears to have been an act of terror, Norway’s security service (PST) said.

Police first received word of an attack in the town of Kongsberg, south-west of the capital Oslo, at 18:12 local time.

Five people were murdered in this horrific attack.

Among the victims of the attack was a lovely, famed artist, poet, author and musician Andrea Meyer Haugen.

Andrea Meyer Haugen

A Hamburg, Germany native, Andrea Meyer Haugen was loved by the worldwide Pagan community.

She loved to create dark atmospheres and to explore hidden human feelings. A lot of Andrea’s ideas are created in her dreams and, thus, inspire her music, visuals and stories.

Originally looking at a model career in London, she soon quit that “shallow scene” in search of dares and intense experiences. Her curiosity always brought her to many strange places. She was living with a bunch of eccentrics in abandoned buildings that they turned into night-clubs.

She performed under various aliases including the names Hagalaz’ Runedance, Nebelhexë, Aghast Manor and Andréa Nebel.

Her music has been used for films and commercials. Her metaphoric lyrics have often been recited and published in various books and magazines.

Cited on Encyclopedia Metallum:

“Haugen wrote film scripts, both horror and satire. She began writing in 1995. She was a pagan and had publicly criticised what she viewed as patriarchal religions that inhibit people’s inner nature. She wrote a book about Germanic spirituality and mythology, The Ancients Fire of Midgard. Many of her social-critical comments have been printed in alternative magazines and also in Norwegian tabloids and magazines. She wrote Gothic and surreal poetry.”

Famous Works of Andrea Haugen:

Nebelhexe “Underworld”, from album “Essensual”. Candlelight Records

The concept of the Underworld video is about stains and scars, those on the inside. The outside is the facade and no one knows what is hiding inside of a person. In my video concept, I am the facade and the observer walking in ugly, cold and big old factory rooms, where I pass by the chained and beaten up men, who represent the stains, the scars and the chains that hold us in our everyday life. The song is also about the image of vampires – kind of like my inner nature and my inner wolf that I have to hide away a lot of times, when I am out doing everyday tasks. Sometimes I am forced to be amongst social events and just smile and talk stupid, when in reality I just want to scream out “fucking hell: I want to get out of here!” – Andrea Haugen.

Celtic Crows is one of her most popular songs. Personally, I am have only discovered this artist within the past two days in the midst of her murder.

This is one track here is ethereal:

She is survived by her daughter.

“I could never be just one thing. I love to play different roles, live out all my different emotions. I need to do multi-art and my mind creates something all the time. Life is about so many different things. Life is about discovery and constant movement. I feel sorry for those that are stuck in their way of being and don’t get ahead in life.”

Andrea Haugen

9 thoughts on “Andrea Haugen (1969-2021) aka Nebelhexë • Murdered in Kongsberg Bow and Arrow Attack (Norway)

  1. Thank you for covering this, tragedies are never easy to address…

    We lost a great musician this month among others who lost their lives in such a dishonorable & callous fashion, this dreary October we also lost a Pagan sister even more rare a veritable priestess of Hel.

    Zur Erinnerung an Andrea Haugen (Nebelhexë, Aghast, Hagalaz’ Runedance), wir vermissen dich. ᛟ (1969 – 13 Oktober 2021) ᛣ

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