Wanted: Incompetency Guide Dog (Must Look Presidential)

Not Something Else

‘1st Quad summit tacitly targets China but US ‘can’t coordinate members’ differences, doomed to fail’‘ – Global Times

The first summit meeting of the ‘Quad’.  But… wait a minute… ‘quad’ signifies ‘four’, doesn’t it?  There are five ‘heads’ seated in that (kind of) broken circle.  What gives?

Oh, yes, it’s clear now.  There are three semi-competents (varying degrees of competency), one fully incompetent, and one guide dog (a stand-in for the fully incompetent who, among other things, couldn’t make his – perhaps deliberately malfunctioning – translator machine, work).  He-he-hee.  Obviously presented for our entertainment. But how embarrassing?

This is a group which I described last week, on the formation of the Three Amigos triad (of which only two are present here), as having ‘sailed off somewhere into the sunset’.  So this four-sided venture is a cruise-ship that has no future.  Half the crew – the Asian half – must…

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