The Fraud of the Anti Racists. Racism is a Word the Communist Mass Murderers Use For Dark Occult Evil.


The super class teach their kids from Kabbalah, to Talmud to Zohar the catholics and protestants are a for 300 years declining minority of the very rich. Canada has the rare catholic Christian and catholic billionaire Frank Stronach of magna auto parts also into electric car technology and at over 75 into new mini innovative electric cars. While others internet truthers say the super rich are all bad perhaps Frank represents Lot in Sodom a world where only money counts > The neo lib world values obedient to banks jews “ City of London “& Israelis and rich and powerful gentiles or psychopathic war criminal rich & the war crimes include austerity or increased Canadian poverty is a capital offence due to billionaires or jewish banking cartel role in pay cuts and scams like just in time labour or contract labour or Walmart having workers put in 2 hours of…

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