The Kurdish SDF Separatists in Syria are Just another Disposable US Proxy Tools


The Kurdish SDF separatists acting as the US proxy in Syria hoping they are some kind of allies to the USA which will help them carve out parts of northern Syria in exchange for their services to the USA and to Israel, what they refuse to realize is that the USA uses them as if they were just another Blackwaters or ISIS mercenaries and it will just dump them as easy as it does to the other proxies.

The Kurds in Syria are not native to the current political country known as the Syrian Arab Republic, they came to Syria fleeing the Ottoman oppression along with the Armenians, Greeks, and others who were then sheltered by the Syrians and were treated as Syrians. Most of them come from the region between southeastern Turkey, northern Iraq, and northern Iran, most of the Kurdish SDF leaders come from the Qandil mountains in…

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