Ideology Is An Excuse To Avoid Making Judgement Calls – Banned Hipster

Additional survival tricks

Some leftist Jewish law professor once wrote an article; in it he was discussing the “conservative” view of jurisprudence and “original intent” versus the more Democratic party ideas of expansive interpretation. As for himself, he was quite straightforward: “if I were a federal judge, I would simply rule in whichever way would help establish socialism.”

There you go – you are dealing with a serious political actor, someone who is interested in victory and understands the Carl Schmitt idea of politics; the friend/enemy distinction. For him, the anti-socialists are the enemy, and he leverages his political power to defeat them. It is a war; it is about victory, it is not an abstract argument over ideology.

Conservatives do this too, but instead of being truthful, with themselves and others, they takeliberal political rhetoricand attempt to “prove” why they are the “real liberals.”

A perfect example of this…

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