2020 – The Year That Never Ended

Myth of the 20th Century

When the history books are written about 2020, the narrative will be controlled by the victors, as is always the case. The counter-narrative, as much as is possible, will still exist, but only be whispered in the dark corners of society. The truth, however, has an enduring appeal to those that are curious, and just like the ancient hieroglyphs of Egypt contain a record of a once great civilization, the internet today serves as the electronic time capsule that helps future generations learn from the mistakes of the past. For our special 200th episode, we here at Myth take on the task of decrypting this year of mass hysteria, and hopefully offer some light in the sea of dark and dreary lies.

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Very special Borzoi @TedwardWang and Titus @hereliesthighs


Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 200 – The Year That Never Ended

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