7 thoughts on “They Know They’re Guilty (ADL)

  1. Brother, I’ve been seething with anger as I’ve tracked ADl, ADL-EF, IFA and the rest since they announced the 100 Days until Trial (third time’s the charm) Countdown. The “rally” they held last week.. talk about Seeing the Red Mist! Cowards. Interestingly, their first Raising Funds Comms stated they needed $910K for their “Top” Legal Team, Investigators, Researchers, People to walk around and randomly tell strangers; “Hey! Did you know 99.9 Quadrillion…?”, and last, no joking, without additional modifiers, was the need to use Funds to pay for “Security” both for their team and the 12, I mean, Nine (curious, innit? Wonder why the other people bounced? And one, Motivant, is a john Doe because he’s a pussy. Their collective injuries = post-Derby Footy Match for the Conference Championship! WTF… Emotional trauma because of hearing bad/mean phrases and “witnessing the after-events”? Are you kidding me? I hate I couldn’t post all of this info in real-time, but we’re in Final Stretch. I’m Glad HonkFam and DisFam are staying on point and representing CozyCornerFAM, proper-like!

    In Brotherhood, to you and all,


    PS: Almost finished with Shared Drive. I’m sending you (I’ll Pop Smoke” prior) a link, and the rest of the FAM, so y’all can hopefully find some Sources and Info, plus, additional eyes might help a bit! Be well my friend, I’ll try to be more social after the Election wraps-up.

    PSS: HONK!!!!

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      1. Many thanks for such kind words! Mutual feeling. And yes, lol, it is quite the thing of beauty.

        Oh shite!! I’ve some awesome news you will not believe! I’ll shoot you a message with details in a bit!


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    1. I switched it back and forth…I need to embed my site title into the actual image (for the font/color/position on the theme didn’t mesh well with the image)…


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