Of recent memory:

  • You work towards our destruction.
  • You systematically have our institutions working against the interests of the common people.
  • You systematically undermined our military assets to fight your wars on the other side of the world.
  • You unleash a not for profit to work well outside it’s defined bounds – which now says exactly what we are allowed to talk about, if we are are allowed to talk, from the digital public space to the very confines of our kitchen table with our children and our families.
  • You present degeneracy, malfeasance and debauchery as the norm – as if something to strive for – projected at us from all angles within your sitcom series, movies, magazines, comic books, plays, music, airwaves, newspapers, trade journals, advertisements, text books and beyond.
  • You have made a malicious decision; to break our borders, to guilt us into pathalogical altruism, that we must renounce and revoke our own identities in favor of honoring and prioritizing that of outsiders.
  • You have instructed us that our participation in self-destruction is our only salvation.
  • You have used the power of lobby and blackmail in order for us to draft into law the siphoning off of our treasure – to bolster your ability to maintain, optimize and enhance your own.
  • Your candidate of choice faces a threat within her own party, within her own party forces work to squash this candidate, those efforts are exposed as internal communications are made public in the run-up to the national elections – it is then you coordinate within the interconnectivity of your mass media apparatus to unleash a tale of bullshit and wank – that the nation of Russia is responsible for this exposure.
  • You stick to this useful, yet fictitious narration, of the country of Russia having compromised the inner sanctum of the Executive office – when in fact it is another foreign power that truly is the culprit of infiltration into our political landscape.
  • You have capitalized on the release of a contagion worldwide, you have put forth inconsistent and contradicting guidance on managing this contagion, you have brought forth the remedy which has fallen ineffective and you are explicitly working to undermine our most basic of human rights if we do not accept your failed remedy.
  • You employ tactful obfuscation, conflation, omission and outright fabrication in presenting the “facts” behind the death of a career criminal caught in the act of perpetrating another crime – he is caught, apprehended and it is only then that, en masse, we begin to see the filming.
  • You direct your minions to stand on live television broadcasts and exclaim that protests are peaceful and orderly as buildings on fire rage on right behind you.
  • You even present the cause and call of social justice in protesting the act of holding criminals accountable as more profound and necessary than mitigating the so-called destructive landscape of the contagion.
  • You have decimated our middle class, with the systematic exportation of our manufacturing jobs overseas in the name of privatization, deregulation and lower taxation to improve (((your))) bottom lines – a joke. And the overt closure and collapse of small business as a deterrent to the contagion – the punchline.
  • You instructed your minions to openly betray the public trust and shut down the opinions of those against the grain of your own, publish this accomplishment in your magazine and put your finger in our faces when we call the audacity of these actions into question.
  • You have set about to cripple and hinder our access to information and the truth of things, for if the truth were not so dangerous to your ultimate ambitions, no such action would have ever been warranted.
  • You wish to castigate the flames of dissent – yet you lack access to that switch. We will not sellout. We will not back down. We are unrelenting. We are not a cluster of radicals yet relegate us as such – radicalization is the inevitable destiny for us. So be it. Your plans are exposed and you cannot hide any longer. Your plans have only led us to our rite of passage of realization of what we truly pursue and that is justice!! The old verse, is timeless indeed...”never send to know for whom the bell tolls…it tolls, for thee…”

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