6 thoughts on “Kings and Generals – How Islam Split into the Sunni and Shia

  1. It is seldom discussed or explored a topic by many dissidents but relevant if we are to grasp the dynamics of this present world, Organized Islam was not always a back-water group of violent extremist regressionists. We should take heed of this & cast aside presumptions & egotism in order to recognize objectively that there are in fact many European dissidents so consumed by “Fatalism” that they would sooner head down that exact course because they feel all else is lost.

    The greatest danger is not simply on the outside it is within ourselves & within groups, I find that too many dissidents fixate upon outside threats ones which they cannot possibly thwart as single lonesome individuals let alone small echo-chambers, yet refuse to fix their own internal issues, distractions are always easier & more pleasant/amusing after all.

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      1. I don’t doubt the man can make valid points (even a broken watch can be correct twice a year) but ultimately Eurasianists will do what is good for Eurasia often at everyone else’s (Europe’s) expense, it is their body politic not ours.

        They are objectively speaking Neo-Eurasianists, National Bolsheviks (NazBols) I have a zero tolerance policy against such things no different than Zionism.

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    1. It’s the Neo-Liberal, debt-laden multicultural consumerist Church of the Woke that must be crushed. Zionism is at the core of these movements. Communism, feminism, LGBTQI++equality, degeneracy/malfeasance unleashed upon our society, these have been hatched by Zionist agenda. I believe that removing the entity that gains from worldwide turbulence, performed maliciously and intentionally, would be welcome by a number of various Civilizational states around the world. China, Syria, Russia, Iran, Lebanon.. i believe the depopulation agenda has always been about the war on Ethos. I wrote something about it here: https://muunyayo.com/2021/08/18/depopulation-is-the-erasure-of-ethos/

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