NATO Failing in Afghanistan Continue to Try Their Luck in Destroying Syria through the UNSC

#NATO #OPCW #GasAttack #CoverUp #Syria #SyrianPeople


It’s almost the 100th meeting of the United Nations Security Council called for by a NATO member state to try to condemn the Syrian state for the use of chemical weapons all evidence proved beyond any doubt it was all fabrications.

Even the reports issued by the OPCW, the international watchdog for the prohibition of chemical weapons use, were proved by team leaders of the organization itself to be doctored by officials in the organization, the evidence collected lack the chain of custody where the evidence collected from the Khan Sheikhoun alleged incident were collected by no other than Al Qaeda members and handed over to the OPCW through NATO member state Turkey!

Yet, despite their lies being exposed time and again, this wouldn’t stop the NATO alliance of evil powers to continue pressuring the Syrian people, their state and armed forces, and Syria’s allies to prolong the suffering of…

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