Depopulation is the Erasure of Ethos

If it’s population reduction, literally, I have seen no hardcore evidence of slaughter.

Plans for slaughter may exist.

I have seen hardcore evidence of a full-throttled attack, from all four compass points, upon the world’s most capable and competent collective identities, which I have read or witnessed, since the day I was born, four decades ago:

  • Syria -the road to Damascus, in the Middle East, the continued, persistent, malicious attempts at destabilization of Syria, by the Clandestine Intelligence Agency and those that do War by Deception.
  • Iran – Persia, at the junction of Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East, we see Globohomogayplex-imposed economic sanctions (which restrict Iranian people and government of participating in trade, the most basic of human rights). False flag events to taunt Iran into war. Coup and bullshit Argo. Demonization thru all Chosen Media.
  • Russia – Rus’ people, originally Norse people, assimilation with Greek, Baltic, Finnic and Slavic peoples – a one thousand year old ethos. Russia pitted in the Ziosphere as the arch-enemy of Pax Americana, when in reality, if relations were normalized between the West and Russia, two places that are mainly White, Christian peoples, world peace might break out. Very bad for Greater Israel Project. Very bad for Agenda 2030. Very bad to the rogue Five Eyes Ministerial surveillance apparatus.
  • Germany – after unification in 1871, Germany, characterized by intellect, physical might, emotional fortitude and engineering ingenuity, was sold out in the highest measurable act of treason in the Great War, economically battered by post-war reparations, reborn under National Socialism and the obedience to the Order of Nature, once again dragged into death and destruction, left to rot, forever depicted as the most evil, the deadliest – those that must bury their heads in shame.
  • China – there is a history here, the Great Wall of China was not built with steel fences. China is the upcoming “superpower”, perhaps, the CCP, is a strong-willed politburo, not a superpower, but grounded in logic and common sense, unabashed and unashamed to call themselves Chinese.
  • Afghanistan – the Islamic Emirate, newly formed under the continuum known as the Taliban, stormed back to reclaim their land, for indeed, their “cause is right and God is on your side!” (Former National Security Director – 1980)
  • Domestic Violent Extremist Far-right White Supremacists – this is aimed at any person that identifies as White, is for/against/indifferent to the progressive value set of honouring degeneracy, political correctness and Globalism. Many are simple flag saluting, tax paying, faith clenching, politically engaged, untrustworthy of “Democracy”, uneasy about the financial overlords, rightfully calling into question the concoction of contradictory guidance provided by elected and unelected officials regarding a contagion and it’s deterrent. The result: sensible, ordinary people with opinions that have been formulated with reverence to Constitutional Law, are condemned and eternally damned in the Church of the Woke. And find themselves the target of the juxtaposition of Silicon Valley surveillance, Beltway-styled investigation and law enforcement and preyed upon by their “greatest ally”.

This is the depopulation agenda.


Acquiesce: surrender basic human rights.

It’s expected.

Eternal altruism paid to those that HATE YOU.

You holding onto ethos is HATE.

The trifecta of forever virus, the coming cyber annihilation and climate heist which will leave the uniformed masses with outstretched arms to accept as unchallenged fact the earth will burn them up beneath their feet if they do not obey the soircerers of Sustainability. And artificial consciousness will be reporting back everything word that is uttered – the big data vacuum in the sky.

Elimination of Ethos – the Real Depopulation Campaign:

The globalist agenda, which exists in plain sight, is to use slander, smearing, obfuscation, conflation and pure fabrication to strip away the viability of the world’s most capable and competent civilizational collectives. In doing so, the masses will accept the socially engineered outcome of massively scaled assaults on tradition, natural order and objective reality.

Characteristics of Identity:

  • Depopulation targets the notion of collective identity, be it:
  • Ethos:
    • Family
    • Genealogy
    • Race
    • Nation
    • Ethnicity
    • Faith
    • Culture
    • Heritage
    • Ancestry
    • History
    • Tradition
    • Ritual
    • Customs

Collective Identity

  • The concept of Blood and Soil has been demonized since the times of the rise and fall of National Socialist Germany.
    • This concept is quite clear: identity is comprised of blood – the people of a race and nation share the same blood based on scientific reasoning, a Volk or Folk is defined upon such reasoning.
    • Pre-1800, das Volk was used exclusively to mean ‘crowd’ or ‘population’, in Germany.
    • Soil is quite clear – descent and territory, the land upon which the blood has settled, defines a homeland.
    • This idea clearly defines a national identity. Genealogy, history, heritage, culture of people which took place upon a common carved out portion of land, is indicative of Race. Race and nation. Identity. Collectively shared amongst People.
    • Inherently there is nothing hateful/evil/”satanic”/etc about the notion of Blood and Soil.
    • The suffix –stan, is both Urdu and Persian for “where one stands”.
    • Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, seven countries use the suffix.
    • Proto-Indo-European language, the root sta means “stand.”
    • The prefixes, for instance, Afghanistan, is representative of the ethnicity which “one stands”, Afghans.
    • Blood and Soil celebrates the place where people with a charged identity settle.

Where does the moral imperative for a civilization to destroy itself really come from? And why?

This is what the proponents of the evisceration of ethos are saying, right now:









Royal United Services Institute (rusi)

International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR)

12 thoughts on “Depopulation is the Erasure of Ethos

    1. It’s worth alot Saxo, I am grateful this resonates with you. These are extracts of a sizable essay I have been working on for a while now, it gives me confidence to complete and post it 🙂

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  1. Self-Destruction is also Fatalism a pressing internal threat, it is the over-emphasis upon the downward spiral of civilization with not one ounce of upward spirit towards ascendancy nor taking back rather than giving away, it manifests as the Ted Kaczynski/Anders Breivik/James Mason/Varg Vikernes/Return to Monke attributed memes.

    As I often say to my wife Regression with a Hard “R”.

    This would be the complete European/Western Self-destruction as facilitated by malcontent nihilistic individuals with null ambition, which I am sure Zionists would be overjoyed to see come fruition.

    Hence I am leery, this is why I have disassociated from Right/Left & the online confluence which constitutes the Dissident movement.

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    1. Appreciate your point of view… to me, it is overwhelming that the mechanism to implore “equality” amongst the masses is to get them believing people are all the same (the very same people that stress to celebrate our differences/diversity, state that we are all equal and the same)…the ordinary White American, and I know this reigns in Germany, the UK, France, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Australia…must therefore destroy themselves (hold themselves accountable for sins never committed)…this is the message the global technocracy is prescribing

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      1. We need a happy medium between the past & emerging future, the Global Technocracy is an extension of the era we live within not some aberrant bogeyman which emerged from some figurative abyss. We (Europeans) cannot fight such a nemesis with mere rocks let alone men who are intellectually, physically or spiritually nullified which is what I am stressing upon most here.

        Blood Libel: There are sins that are purely fabricated “grossly exaggerated” i.e. (Deutschland 1933-45) but there are also embellishments made on both sides of the battlefield which must be addressed with secure honesty, if we can remain 1st consistent without having to produce false narratives to reinforce our point of view we can remain credible “strong”.

        Zionists currently use these inconsistencies “cracks” against us to divide & conquer.

        We need to stop playing the “fool”, discard that which makes us appear inferior I am not just speaking of the physical here, clowns & frogs do not help our cause either.

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    1. It means alot to me that you reblogged this post – it’s carved from a mega-meta-essay I’ve had in the works since about March. The essay is literally 1,488 pages long…well maybe not that long… you’ve motivated me to focus and concentrate on the essay and post it for those with eyes to see, to see…

      I’ve been reading your blog for nearly three years now, it’s one of the best…and you’re a real warrior man…if people don’t know, Big Herm served three tours of duty …

      You’re a war hero man. No one can take that away from you.


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