GLOBAL POWER GRAB: taking turns at means, ends, tactics & distractions

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As suggested here three days ago, the Covid narrative has been put onto the backburner in favour of other things to get variously scared and angry about. Throughout last week, the Deadly Pandemic had to share top billing with the Global Fire Emergency. Yesterday, the Taliban’s Second Coming blew everything else off the front pages. Health scare in Red and Terror in Green have given way to Islamist atrocities in Grey. The global alliance is at its work: time for the fear baton to be passed to the Secret State.

Top spook Ken McCallum wasted no time in pointing the direction of threat away from foreign adventures in Afghanistan towards domestic US and European actions: “The Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan will inspire young jihadists in the West, and confirms fears that another wave of terror will follow the fall of Kabul”.

This could mean Emergency Security crackdown measures to replace…

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