Nature Is Not a Machine—We Treat It So at Our Peril

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Desultory Heroics

By Jeremy Lent

Source: resilience

From genetic engineering to geoengineering, we treat nature as though it’s a machine. This view of nature is deeply embedded in Western thought, but it’s a fundamental misconception with potentially disastrous consequences.

Climate change, avers Rex Tillerson, ex-CEO of ExxonMobil and erstwhile US Secretary of State, “is an engineering problem, and it has engineering solutions.” This brief statement encapsulates how the metaphor of the machine underlies the way our mainstream culture views the natural world. It also hints at the grievous dangers involved in perceiving nature in this way.

This mechanistic worldview has deep roots in Western thought. The great pioneers of the Scientific Revolution, such as Galileo, Kepler, and Newton, believed they were decoding “God’s book,” which was written in the language of mathematics. God was conceived as a great clockmaker, the “artificer” who constructed the intricate machine of nature so flawlessly that…

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One thought on “Nature Is Not a Machine—We Treat It So at Our Peril

  1. Well Mechanical thinking also happens with introversion I am very guilty of this as well, but is true nature as the macrocosm is an entity comprised of many the most pure version of collectivism outside of human interpretation.

    The sterilization of Science came with Secularization divorcing itself from the human spirit into a cold lifeless set of variables & numbers whilst efficient in one facet alien in another, Science is an extension of mankind hence a part of striving humans (Europeans & to some extent Asiatic).

    Hence to divorce Science & Applied Crafts from Humanity is a mistake one which has far reaching consequences which we can see unfold within our world today.

    Truth & Wisdom comes with a Happy Medium.

    “Every tool carries with it the spirit by which it has been created.” – Werner Karl Heisenberg

    Men of Science today no longer quote the Divine they quote Einstein & Nihilistic Techno-Futurism sullying the concept of much endeared Ascendancy within the framework of our Natural Order.

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