Conflicts of Interest: Corporate Press Covers for Israel as It Murders Palestinians By Choice

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Source: Conflicts of Interest: Corporate Press Covers for Israel as It Murders Palestinians By Choice

9 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Corporate Press Covers for Israel as It Murders Palestinians By Choice

  1. Some say it would have been better that the Jews were sent to Madagascar considering that Palestine was sure to erupt in conflict if the plan did not go in accordance (& it did). I am not sure if that would have been better either considering Madagascar has more natural resources than Palestine.

    Apparently they already had region assigned for them yet Israeli’s dare not mention it.

    Yevreyskaya Oblast (a.k.a) Jewish Autonomous Region, Russia.

    They reason why Jews don’t mention it is because they would have been eaten alive by their neighbors (figuratively & maybe even literally).

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    1. Another interesting aspect of that pre-1948, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, some Buddhists, Hindu even…lived in what could be called “peaceful coexistence” while Palestine was a British colony.

      When looking at the Balfour agreement – it’s peculiar that the British Empire, the secular prince of the world, would sanction the establishment of a Jewish state;. an ethnocentric state which the inhabitants will cast Judaism a religion when the spotlight shines upon the Jewish Faith/Race/Ethnicity/other categorization.

      And, the manner in which the British vacated and vanished Palestine like a thief in the night – the British an Empire very much a “Rule of Law” empire (ie the relinquishment of Hong Kong back to the Chinese mainland circa 1997 – the ceremony, the flags, the diplomatic display of theatre)…

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    1. It is my strong belief that the Khazarian, Zionist “Rothschild Consortium of European Usury” gained their power and political clout as they securitized land, art, armies and much more. Those loans were procured by monarchies and also nobility, I believe , in part for some families wished to keep up appearances (on material level). Ultimately, most debts were paid in full, with Talmudic chicanery known as “interest” …yet the loans that were in default spelt trouble for the party in default. It was from here, little by slow, the money changers gained ownership of such loan collateral.

      I have read some fascinating books about the relationship between the Rothschild family and the British crown. It is my belief that far before Waterloo (when Wellington defeated Napoleon, Rothschild had access to the earliest information about the result of the crucial battle – for the Rothschild owned and operated the largest courier service of it’s kind – talk about inside information!!!)

      Of course, through the fire sale on the floor of the London stock exchange, Rothschild and his fellow water-shy kinfolk, they orchestrated that tactic which enabled the acquisition of most all of Britain’s publicly traded industry (thru stock and bond ownership) as well as the Bank of England.

      The Bankers had their claws into the royal family far before this, it is my belief that Rothschild, as a “court Jew” , helped finance the British Navy – which enabled the empire’s expanse across the entire globe.

      It was reluctantly beneficial for the Crown to have this relationship. Here we are some 100+ years later and I completely agree with you Mr. Krüger – the Zionist/Anglo flavor of egalitarianism destroyed the Boers in South Africa. There are so many things at play when it comes to the City of London.

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      1. Yes, it would appear the case considering the British Empire by means of Zionist infiltration was also responsible for the dissolution of the German Monarchies (Deutsches Kaiserreich – Haus Hohenzollern mit Kaisertum Österreich – Haus Hapsburg) at the end of WWI along with the loss of territory (German Heritage Corridor) as well accruing of massive debt which would steep for the duration of the 1920s.

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      2. Also, the Bolshevik revolution, funded by Warburg and Lazard Wall Street money….instigated the revolution in Russia in 1917 – which sidelined Russia, leaving Britain and a battered France continuing a fruitless effort of defeating the militarily superior Central powers/ Germany at the core.

        With a freshly created Federal Reserve Act and a desire to obtain Palestine….the Zionist bankers taking refuge in Germany….promised to the British to bring the Americans into the war (by alleviating interest rates and promising America a “roaring twenties”) – in exchange for the British controlled Palestine…

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      3. The English, French & German Jews (Ashkenazi) were all in cahoots with one another.

        Their sole aim was to establish the Jewish domination (Judentum) of the world.

        Therefore, they first had to enslave the German people completely.

        The English Prime Minister [David Lloyd George] was completely in the hand of the Jews..

        When a new era dawned once more in Germany the Jews would meet their fate in no uncertain terms.

        They (The Jews) had siphoned off (Liquidated) some 80 billion out of the country (Deutschland).

        They (Das Deutsche Völk & Haus Hohenzollern-Brandenburg) would have to repay all of this. the government must start by demanding 15 billion immediately.
        They (Haus Hohenzollern-Brandenburg) would have to forfeit everything, their art collections, their houses, their property.
        They (Haus Hohenzollern-Brandenburg) would have to be removed once and for all from all their public offices, they must be thrown completely to the ground.

        03/08/1921 Kaiser Wilhelm. II (In Exile).

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