CCP Announces the Return of the Alliance Tournament to EVE Online

The Ancient Gaming Noob

CCP teased us with a count down to a video yesterday which had capsuleers wondering what the company might have planned.  Summer isn’t just a down time for players, much of the company tends to go on vacation as well.  This morning at 15:00 UTC (8am for me, so morning in my book) the video was unlocked and the big news was… the return of the alliance tournament.

Coming this November

Why is this a big deal?

The Alliance Tournament ran annually from 2005 through until 2018, then went on hiatus in 2019.  CCP allowed groups like EVE NT to host tournaments on their infrastructure, but declined to carry on with what was viewed as the “official” tournament for many players.  Many were disappointed and it has been a perennial point for CSM members to ask about its return since the 2019 announcement.

In addition to the prestige of…

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