Where are these Sources? Why is everything written in a Foxtrotted Language?

TLAMN Incoming

This isn’t my first match. As mentioned in my first real post, I am Honour-bound regarding Information and Sources, but I am not a LexisNexis Database offering Info and Insight, Sources and Stories, or Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Echo to help other individuals/Groups “discover” and use Info for personal gain, increased Bonk-arsed cred, and other bollocks. I offer this as a brief explanation and as always, please ask any questions. Stay on-topic!

This angle-of-approach failed like Darius III and his Chariots vs Alexandre The Baddest Arse on the flattened plains before #LifeLesson3, The Battle of Gaugamela, a.k.a. Battle of Ἄρβηλα. Unlike the Great King’s brilliant result(s) BOOSH!, our attempts created a bigger pain in our collective arse than expected, growing like bamboo and spreading like HSV-II. Please understand, I am not, nor do I try to be a dick but I do despise Poaching (all kinds) and Plagiarism (not something I…

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