What Can the Individual Do to Avoid or Resist Tyrannical Government Rule?

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What can the individual do to prevent or resist tyranny

What Can the Individual Do to Avoid Orresist Tyrannical Government Rule?

What can the individual do to avoid or resist tyranny? The individuals, through their rights in our Constitution and through their character, have an opportunity to prevent this terrible abuse of power by those who wish to rule over us. The history of mankind has seen many transitions of power from absolute government to limited government, from absolute rulers to free rulers, and from absolute governments to democratic governments, but each transition has brought with it freedoms that have increased the quality of life for all of those people. Those who are the most capable intellectually and physically are those who participate in making the decisions and exercising their rights in a free society and those who most need the protection of the rule of law are those who are allowed by the majority to use its natural laws…

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