Open Society Foundations: The Mission

This foundation was created by George Soros. It’s utopian vision involves inverting reality, reason, rationale, common sense and your visceral reaction to the thought of being erased and replaced – invert these notions on their heads….clownworld is now pisseartth indeed…

16 thoughts on “Open Society Foundations: The Mission

  1. György Schwartz (I am not going to call him by his Quasi Hungarian surname considering that he altered it in order to hide among ethnic Hungarians when moving places).

    Söros is a common/traditional Hungarian last-name essentially equivalent to “Brewer”.

    Whilst George S. is a blight upon this world we should be more concerned today with who his heir is considering that he is over 90 years old & cannot walk without assistance of a cane.

    Zionists do not live forever but their lineages are persistent only if we allow them to persist…

    We need to be both vigilant & ever decisive, address the blight not its symptoms.

    Off-topic, a heads up – you have attracted another infiltrator ( ) I see her on your recent posts, I was just speaking to an ex-blogger earlier on how WP is a crawling cesspit for infiltrators (two of your peers) re-posted “Chateau Cherie” who is a Jewish Defense Advocate, at least one of who was informed of this.

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      1. If someone like that featured my blog on their front page (without my knowing) I would inform them to remove me, for another example I have seen many people re-post “Chateau Cherie” hence, I commented on Cherie White’s page regarding how Antisemitism is a weaponized rhetoric against Europeans, she liked my comment oddly, so I asked her why she liked my comment considering that she did a (11-part) series on Antisemitism (How Jews are victims of bullying & why we should fight it), She then mentions how “sometimes globalists use it to silence dissidents” I mentioned Zionism & how it coincides with Globalism as well that it was not a “sometimes” issue, Antisemitism does not manifest out of nowhere & she deletes all of my comments.

        [ ]

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      2. I was unaware that I was being featured on any blogs and also (as you pointed out with MadJewess, Gates of Vienna), I absolutely own up to not being nearly as thorough as others, like you sir, as far as quality control.

        I’ve had this blog for nearly 4 years and was unaware that people are even aware of it. (For instance, I maybe get 100+/- views per day, by 30-40 visitors.

        Zionism most absolutely coincides with Globalism. My careful study of this matter have led me to the following hypothesis:

        Beginning with Genesis 1:25-30, paraphrased, it states that “man shall multiply and subdue the Earth, shall have dominion over the land, the seas, the fish, the cattle and every living thing that crawls over the Earth.”

        The above statement alone, when it comes to Orthodox Jews, their interpretation of this – as God’s Chosen People – man in this context is the Jewish man. They are ordained by God to establish dominion over the Earth.

        Whether Jesus Christ was the son of god/existed/etc – I do not know. What is certain is that Christianity began to explode from it’s origins in the “holy land” beginning in roughly 100AD. The Romans waged war on Judea from 65-90AD and banished the Jews from Jerusalem at about 90AD.

        Christianity blossomed as it was a mechanism within Constantine’s Roman Empire.

        The high kohane priests, which have the carte blanche rabbinical authority over the faith of Judaism. It is believed that the Kohanes are the ones that wanted Jesus eliminated.

        From 200AD-500AD, the Kohanes with the input of other influential Rabbis, drafted the Talmud. This book, translated to English, taken in Arial font, size 12, double spaced, turns out to be a 9,200 page doctrine.

        The Talmud was written in response to Christianity’s boom and influence. It is a guide book that is intended to guide the faith into accepting a structure of law which validates and reaffirms their role as “God’s Chosen People” and their responsibility to return to Jerusalem to become the light upon nations (which is metaphorical for ruling over the nations.)

        Kosher law is a guise for keeping money within the tribe.

        The Zionism creedo is that the Jews have been ordained by God to return to Jerusalem to establish a kingdom, court and temple to rule over the nations.

        The role of AIPAC in America is parasitic. The role of the ADL in America is overreaching to the point I equate the ADL with being the very core of “intersectionality of the problems Jews brought to America”. 1. The organization is a tax-exempt entity which serves as a mechanism got it’s donors to gain tax liability relief via charitable contributions. And to some extent those funds are dispersed to vendors very closely associated with the very donors to the ADL (I have studied the Form 990 available on guidestar, which one can obtain annual tax returns for all tax-exempt entities.) 2. The ADL created the “hate speech” weapon. They are the juggernaut at the helm of political correctness and they “mysteriously” were appointed to the role of Hate Speech Police of all of social media, beginning in 2017. It is not a coincidence the exponential rise of censorship in the public space known as social media began when the ADL assumed this role. 3. Lawfare. The judiciary. The ADL filed a case vs the State of Maryland to remove an 85 year old memorial dedicated to World War One men killed in action. The contention the ADL presented in that – the memorial featuring a cross some 40+ feet tall, is highly insensitive to others. This is disgusting! DISGUSTING. And yet, each Channukah, a Menorah the size of a two story house stands across from the Whitehouse. What gives? Easter and Christmas are the most holy days within the Christian faith (to my understanding). Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah are the two Jewish high holidays. Channukah in terms of it’s importance to the Jewish faith is like the importance of Flag Day to American national sovereignty. My point is that it’s not a high holy Holiday. 4. The ADL hate speech database . The database is comprised of symbols of European history. The Circular Celtic Cross is deemed a hate symbol. And the ADL’s justification for relegating it as such is that they conflate the actions of some obscure prison gang that adapted that symbol as a tattoo in prison to represent affiliation. It has nothing to do with the Celtic heritage.

        I’m leaving alot out here however Globalism, the ideology that all people are citizens of the planet – and are all the same aka “equal” – softens the ground perfectly for the Zionist fulfilment of prophecy – to become the light upon the nations.

        For as God’s Chosen, they are ordained by God to rule over all others.

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      3. Yes, we have similar statistical averages insofar to daily views give or take random spikes. I have been on WordPress for 11 years having shifted my focus from everything ranging between the very mundane (cooking, gaming), to N.S.2.0, Neo-Völkisch Tribalism, finally settling upon Kaiserreich revitalization via Art.

        I usually only see random bloggers from the topics of cooking & science which were the same randoms from 10+ years ago at this point I don’t even think they’re manned accounts but automated based upon pre-generated interest pools more crude than Google’s Algorithm but not entirely different.

        As for the enemy of all Mankind – Zionism, I am aware of the growing belligerence to silence inquiry into the myriad of stages which facilitate Globalism/Third Temple etc as well their intent – “Welt Judentum” as dictated by their law book – The Talmud.

        Runes are also listed a hate symbol by the ADL thus. I am aware that my actions by choosing such thread a fine line here as well.

        My point.. the more reactionary the flames the more intense the scrutiny, we need to be both bold in our determinism (so not to fall into over cautious complacency) yet also strategic with how we address & handle our foe (Not so brash or impulsive either).

        “Die Kunst ist eine Vermittlerin des Unaussprechlichen.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

        (Art is the intermediary of the inexpressible).

        Given that within our era the “inexpressible” is often black-listed by conventional means of communication.. (This might not work for everyone as we all have different capacities nonetheless when our enemies seek to subvert us we learn to persistently subvert them!)

        Intelligently no matter how daunting the challenge.

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      4. You are a very good man, for bringing my attention to the magnitude of the WP ecosphere. I will tell you when I started the blog, I was posting mainly “alt-ri/NS 2.0” type stuff…podcasts/videos/blog posts/street activism etc…over the past year I’ve began to shift into the broader spokes of the wheels of the Zionist machine – “Globalist Projects” like the Great Reset (designed to carry out implementation of Agenda 2030), Belt and Road Initiative, Greater Israel Project aka Yinon Plan, the EU (which I see as a reincarnation of the Soviet bloc, just with a Neo-Liberal, multicultural ideology), Big Data/Deep Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and the enormity this function has on surveillance capabilities, also generalized geopolitical conflict, censorship… an attempt to broaden the scope of the content on my blog (vs a blog I had in 2015 which was pretty much 95% shit posting of hollow cost memes)…

        I highly appreciate your advice. I really do.

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  2. Also not completely off-tangent & semi-related, I made an archive link for Chateau Cherie regarding the topic of #Jewish regarding Anti-Bullying. This does not count posts covering the topic of Anti-bullying insofar to #Racism or #Antisemitism (There are even more posts than provided within this archive link here).

    Say if Cheri were an advocate for European Rights I would have less an issue here & I might forgive ignorance yet she defends the Jewish people more than any other group.

    In case people don’t do the manual search for themselves (I don’t see why not) but some bloggers here I learned do not read the posts of those they choose to re-post.

    [ ]

    Viking Life Blog (Received this memo from my intermediary, I don’t know if he takes this seriously).

    Vermont Folk Troth (I have informed him to said content as well deletion of inquiry).

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    1. Those two blogs are two of my favorite ones, also, they live in the same part of the country as me and I can say they engage with my posts more than most other users (by engage, I mean like/comment/repost)…

      You are most absolutely correct and it’s very important to read the content of a post one plan’s to repost. I take responsibility for not always doing as such – however, my reblog decision is because I have read the bloggers blog for some time now and have been able to gauge their overall underlying message

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    1. The proof is in this dialogue…you’re making a profound impact on me as to the forces at play and how to navigate…it’s tough for me to articulate using words alone…in the most high esteem, your “intervention” if you will…is a much needed wakeup call for me…massive

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