US Communists Ban Gaming PCs

Political Reactionary

Six US states have banned energy-intensive gaming PC rigs. As a result, Dell has decided not to ship energy-hungry gaming PCs to states in question – California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. This ban is due to power consumption regulations introduced by said states’ legislatures, in large part in order to meet “climate policy goals”.

Even just adding certain components to a PC can cause it to breach power consumption rules, but this primarily affects the production rigs. Any orders of gaming computers bound for these states are to be (or even may have been) cancelled.

Of course, state legislators have not explained why the ban does not extend to to the supercomputers used in California’s extremely extensive movie industry. And these are far more significant factor: computers and monitors account for about 3 per cent of residential and 7 per cent of commercial energy use in the state…

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