The Subtle Effects of Definition Changes

The American Sun

Liberal elites change words so that they mean what they want them to mean. This is not new, and certainly not something which cannot be found on the Twitter account of any given conservative grifter. But these types largely focus on the more surface-level news blasted happenings of this: Everyone has seen the change of racism to the fancy new definition of “power plus prejudice” which Tumblrites popularized nearly half a decade ago, many saw the hypocrisy of Newsweek editing an old story which called graduates of Ranger School ‘Rangers’, explicitly so they could blast Senator Tom Cotton for calling himself such after graduating the school, but never serving as such. These examples, while easy fodder for the basic MAGACon, ignore the more dangerous and insidious definition changes which have taken place behind the scenes.

There is probably no example of this better than the sudden, drastic, change to the…

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