The United Nations and the Modern Globalist Organizations

From my Instagram. I don’t use it much lately, my original Instagram earned over 2,000 subscribers with active engagement but I posted a Black Sun Wheel more than once and they banned me. Infact, this was the actual one that got me banned:

Notice how it has a bee in the middle. And it’s a honey comb backdrop. This concerned “bee power”…bees are our allies in the ecosystem…but our ecosystem, our way of living, our heritage, culture, values, traditions, norms, customs, rituals, reality – our very existence – is under attack on many fronts from the (((Globalist))) consortium outlined in the above Instagram post. The UN wants the world to adapt a one world culture. This involves eliminating race, color, religion, national identity, gender, YOU.

4 thoughts on “The United Nations and the Modern Globalist Organizations

    1. Indeed it is beyond crazy. The reason is because the ADL, the not-for-profit that literally coined the phrase “hate speech” relegates the Black Sun Wheel as a “hate symbol”…they have a whole database of hate symbols – basically anything to do with White, European identity is classified as a hate symbol. The ADL database is right here: with the Sonnenrad entry included

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