Vespasian and the Architect

This is excellent insight.

The Serpent's Loft

In the scope of human understanding, mythology will never be replaced. So it goes in the vast annals of human achievement that we remember our figureheads first and foremost not merely by their dry statistics, their dates and accomplishments… rather we remember anecdotes, tall tales, legends – myths. This connects us to our subject on a meta-narrative that a mathematical equation never can.

I should like to tell you a story that struck me. For many reasons. Can I say for sure the tale is true? How can I? How can I prove anything outside of my tangible sphere of influence? It is all a matter of faith, and trust that you have not been lied to. The subject of my story is the Emperor Vespasian. Vespasian was one of the Good Emperors that followed in the controversial wake of the Emperor Augustus, the man against whom all future Caesars…

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