American False Consciousness

The American Sun

By Aidan Castile

I recently passed through one of those few remaining parts of the country that, come summer, are made up almost entirely of Middle American whites on vacation. Putting aside the smattering of Chinese and Indian tourists, it was reminiscent of the America that existed as recently as my own childhood in the 1990s. There were no immigrants and no crime to be seen. You would even find a few MAGA hats in public, which, in sharp contrast to the norms on the coasts, prompted no sidelong glances, no shouting matches, and no threats of violence.

Of course, MAGA hats typically come out only when whites have the safe space to act like whites. But nearly three years into the Trump administration, after President Trump denounced his own supporters for chanting his own talking points about Rep. Ilhan Omar at a rally, the MAGA hat has lost all…

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