Gambler Ruined: Sam Bankman-Fried’s Bizarre Notions of Risk and the Blow-Up of FTX

Economist Writing Every Day

The drama continues for Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the former head of now-bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. This past week has been giving a series of interviews, in which he (the brilliant master, the White Knight, of the crypto world a mere month ago) is trying to convince us (potential jurors?) that he is too dim-witted to have masterminded a shell game of international wire transfers, and that he had no idea what was happening in the closely-held company of which he was Chief Executive Officer. (For an entertaining take on what We The People think of SBF’s disclaimers, see responses in this thread ttps://, especially the video posted by “Not Jim Cramer”).

The word on the street is that his former partner Caroline Ellison (who he has been implicitly throwing under the bus with his disclaimers of responsibility for the multi-billion dollar transfers from his FTX to her Alameda…

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The Constitution Has Already Been Terminated, by John and Nisha Whitehead


You would be hard pressed to find a clause in the Constitution that’s consistently observed. From John and Nisha Whitehead at

“That was when they suspended the Constitution. They said it would be temporary.”—Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

If there is one point on which there should be no political parsing, no legal jockeying, and no disagreement, it is this: for anyone to advocate terminating or suspending the Constitution is tantamount to a declaration of war against the founding principles of our representative government and the rule of law.

Then again, one could well make the case that the Constitution has already been terminated after years on life support, given the extent to which the safeguards enshrined in the Bill of Rights—adopted 231 years ago as a means of protecting the people against government overreach and abuse—have been steadily chipped away at, undermined, eroded, whittled down, and generally…

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Netanyahu government reconnects with “revisionist Zionism”

The Wall Will Fall

Thierry Meyssan

The agreement struck between the representative of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud), and that of his future National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir (Otzma Yehudit), provides that the latter will head an autonomous armed force.

The Ministry of National Security will take over the attributions of the former Ministry of Internal Security while acquiring new powers. It will supervise not only the national police (Mishtara), but also the border police (Magav) which until now was answerable to the Ministry of Defense. The agreement also provides for the creation of a large-scale National Guard and a reinforced presence of reserve troops within the border police.

Mr.Ben-Gvir is a Kahanist, meaning a disciple of Rabbi Meir Kahane who demands the expulsion of Arab citizens from Israel and the establishment of a theocracy. He makes no secret of wanting to use the border police…

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How much more BS can ordinary people witness?

Desultory Heroics

Ukraine’s newly elected President Volodymyr Zelensky (C) walks to his Presidential office after a ceremony of his oath in the Ukrainian Parliament, in Kiev, Ukraine. © STR / NurPhoto via Getty Images

By Olga Sukharevskaya

Source: New Cold War

For years, and particularly since the beginning of Russia’s military offensivein Ukraine, the United States, the European Union – and their allies – have providedKiev with $126 billion worth of aid, a number almost equal to the country’s entireGDP but Olga Sukharevskaya reports that officials and oligarchs have diverted much of the financial support sent to Kiev

Since the beginning of Russia’s military offensivein Ukraine, the United States, the European Union – and their allies – haveprovidedKiev with $126 billion worth of aid, a number almost equal to the country’s entireGDP. Moreover, millions of Ukrainians have found refuge in the EU where they were given housing, food, work…

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Scientists “Struggle to Explain” Why COVID Spared the Unjabbed and the UnVaxxed live longer

The Free

Most of Africa escaped mRNA jabbing for the first year for lack of cash. Then when funding became available the whole continent began refusing the vaccines. Africa has had a lucky escape with near ZERO short and long term vaccine deaths and crippling side effects. The ‘unjabbed’ have “mysteriously” evaded the plague of lost babies, cancers, myocardis, sudden deaths and plummeting birth rates.

/ Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola / Fact Checked / shared with thanks / via thefreeonline

Scientists Struggle to Explain

Story at-a-glance

  • “Vaccine equity” remains high on the global cabal’s list of priorities, even though real-world evidence shows the COVID shots have done more harm than good

The pandemic appears to have spared Africa so far. Scientists are struggling to explain why | Science | AAAS

  • Africa, where fewer than 6% of people have received the COVID jab, have maintained an extremely low COVID-19 death rate throughout…

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‘Conspiracy theory’ is a term that strikes fear and anxiety in the hearts of most every public figure, particularly journalists and academics. Since the 1960s the label has become a disciplinary device that has been overwhelmingly effective in defining certain events as off-limits to inquiry or debate.

Especially in the United States, raising legitimate questions about dubious official narratives destined to inform public opinion (and thereby public policy) is a major thought crime that must be cauterized from the public psyche at all costs…CIA Document 1035-960 played a definitive role in making the ‘conspiracy theory’ term a weapon to be wielded against almost any individual or group calling the government’s increasingly clandestine programs and activities into question.

From CIA Document 1035-960

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.—William Casey, Ronald Reagan’s first CIA Director (from Casey’s first staff meeting…

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Would That This Were To Happen Here

To Reclaim Normality

The Brazilian military is saying “OH, FUCK NO!” to election theft. This, I must admit, provides my heart with an injection of warmth and joy, however small, on a morning when I’m informed that the steal is now official in my own state’s gubernatorial election.

How ironic (though utterly unsurprising, in light of recent trends) it would be if the military of Brazil, a country in a region notorious for repression and instability, set the example by enforcing the nation’s constitutional procedures for election integrity. In other words, imagine Brazil’s soldiers doing what the USSA’s refuse to do: perform their primary duty according to their oath of office and uphold and defend their nation’s constitution. Then again, Brazil’s military isn’t staffed by Girls, Queers, and Trannies and isn’t led by treasonous cowards. True, the army’s current attacks on the illegitimate government are indirect, targeting the criminal elements that are…

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The Template

Welcome To Western Globohomo Inc.



Nothing new. I’ve been telling people for years now that the Chinese style subjugation is the template for the Globohomo West.

But here is the kicker. You will get Chinese style subjugation, but unlike China, you will also get your LGBTQQIAAPPP*+ degenerate subjugation shoved up your ass with it. And your children will be little twinkies.

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Best Way to Protect Intellectual Property

Artificial Intuition


Intellectual Property (from Wikipedia) “is a category of property that includes intangible creations of the human intellect, ….. such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.”

Creating new Intellectual Property is a very lengthy process:

To start with, it requires plenty of IP to create new IP. It is not something you simply decide to do.

It requires experience, immagination, capability to conduct research, to think out of the box, to be innovative, to see things which others cannot.

It takes plenty of time and money. It is also very risky. Someone could have a similar idea and get there before you do. Coming second is tantamount to failure. Being the first of the last is useless.

Great IP is more valuable than money, more precious than one can imagine.

For all these reasons, people will want to steal your IP. This is particularly true of very large companies. This…

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UN Resolution 181: 75 Years of Myth Making and False Israeli Legitimacy — MintPress News

Aisle C

Seventy-Five years after the United Nations’ fatal decision to partition Palestine, the carnage and oppression of Palestinians by those who would claim they represent the Jewish people continues – and it promises to get much worse. Some claim that Zionism came to save the Jewish people from another Holocaust, that they speak for defenselessJews…

UN Resolution 181: 75 Years of Myth Making and False Israeli Legitimacy — MintPress News

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Why is VAERS removing data on adverse events?

Rights and Freedoms

 December 5, 2022

Aga Wilson interviews Jessica Rose, a Canadian Computational Biologist who has been researching the VAERS data since the beginning of the pandemic. Jessica analyses the data and tells us about her findings. She recently noticed some of it has been removed from the system. We discuss the reasons and what the data shows. We also get into the data on children and the recent CDC approval to recommend the shots for kids 6 months and up!

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Fauci deposition: Fauci says no one from his office pushed for social media censorship. Documents show they did.

Hellbound and Down

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s deposition, taken as part of thelawsuitfiled by Missouri and Louisiana’s Attorneys General alleging collusion between government and online platforms to censor certain viewpoints, has details about Dr. Fauci’s attitude towards Covid topics that were censored on social media platforms.

Read the full deposition transcripthere.

Fauci, the retiring director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was deposed under oath on November 23.
During the deposition, Fauci said that he did not have the expertise to say whether or not COVID-19 originated from a laboratory or nature. However, he repeatedly dismissed thelab-leak theory.

Social media companies also censored content and accounts suggesting the virus originated from a lab.

Keep reading

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Renewables Roadblock: Wind & Solar Transition Meets Real Community Opposition


When ideology is all, reality has a nasty habit of undoing the grandest of plans. So it is with the great wind and solar ‘reset’. The economic storage of intermittent wind and solar is a fantastic pipe dream; the colossal expense attached to mythical mega-batteries means that it will remain so.

The minerals required for any kind of wind and solar transition will outstrip the world’s resources 10 times over; hence rocketing prices for base metals, like copper and the rare earths that go into every turbine and solar panel. And the demand for land is already seeing renewable energy rent seekers forced to rub up against real community opposition, which will only increase in its hostility.

Gone are the days when wind power outfits could throw $10,000 a year to spear a turbine into the back paddock of some gullible farmer. These days, they’re aware that the owner of…

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Russia’s second-largest bank VTB Bank under DDoS attack


Russia’s second-largest bank VTB Bank reveals it is facing the largest DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack in its history.

State-owned VTB Bank, the second-largest financial institution in Russia, says it is facing the largest DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack in its history.

The pro-Ukraine collective IT Army of Ukraine has claimed responsibility for the DDoS attacks against the bank. In November the group of hacktivists announced the offensive on its Telegram channel.

The attack is causing problems for its customers that are not able to access the website of the bank and its mobile app. The bank added that customers’ data were not compromised as a result of the attack.

“The bank’s technological infrastructure is under an unprecedented cyber attack from abroad,” reads a statement issued by the Russian bank. “The largest not only this year, but in the whole time the bank has operated.”

The cyber attacks…

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Was Easy to Predict √ in October

when I made the prediction, have since won a Grass-Fed, non-gmo, DEI/ESG/SDG/COVAIDS derivatives swap on trusty crypto exchange from Bahamas:

Evidence grows of forced labour and slavery in production of solar panels, wind turbines


By Paul Homewood


The Australian clean energy industry has warned of growing evidence linking renewable energy supply chains to modern slavery, and urged companies and governments to act to eliminate it.

A report by the Clean Energy Council, representing renewable energy companies and solar installers, has called for more local renewable energy production and manufacturing and a “certificate of origin” scheme to counter concerns about slave labour in mineral extraction and manufacturing in China, Africa and South America.

Released on Tuesday, the paper said slavery in all supply chains was a global problem. But Australia is on a trajectory towards generating the vast majority of its electricity from solar, wind, hydro and batteries by 2030 and needs to play an active role in addressing it in renewable energy industries.

“We’re at a moment in time when renewable energy supply chains are going to be scaling up significantly,” Dr Nick Aberle…

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Between Two Worlds

Those readers who follow me regularly will recognize I am writing blogs more frequently than usual. I have generally tried to write about one a month. Since the conflict in Ukraine has become “front and center” in the news, however, I have tried to offer more frequent updates. I don’t believe the number of readers has increased overall. A few have told me they understand why I am writing on Ukraine, but they prefer the blogs about daily life. I understand because I prefer writing about daily life. On the other hand, I have picked up new readers who have said I described them well in a recent blog when I said most people just don’t have time to dig into all the related issues. And they really don’t trust the news on TV anyway. So they read my blog to catch up with what is going on. That’s quite…

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Is election reform possible?

The Price of Liberty

There have been more and more claims, particularly over the last election cycles (2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, and now 2022), of massive fraud and corruption.

Both old parties claimed that happened several times before 2016, but that year it really took off. The claims exploded even more in 2020, and have ramped up still stronger after the somewhat surprising results of last month.

The methods of fraud claimed seem tied very much to the political opinion and position of the person or group making the claims. For example, Democrats seem to scream most loudly about attempts to suppress voters by denying ballot access, requiring voter ID, purging voter rolls, reducing polling places, prohibiting vote collection by third parties, reducing opportunities for registration, and other tactics which they attribute to the GOP, especially the Trumpistas.

The GOP types point to various forms of cheating, such as tainted ballots, counterfeit votes…

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Gloomy December: Manufacturing Orders From China Are Down 40 Percent As Companies Brace For A Brutal Holiday Season — The Economic Collapse | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Monday News: Yes, More On The SCAMDEMIC, And Other Interesting Events

Always enjoy NTS insights


Yes, I am nearly back to my insane self…. I spent the day, yesterday, after writing my weekend rant basically trying to catch up on some much needed sleep after enduring nearly 4 full nights of constant aches and pain from what ever the FUCK hit me hard…. Many are saying that I just caught a ‘cold’ but considering how much lately, especially at that place that I used to actually enjoy called ‘work’, that I have been in contact with some of the more heavily ‘vaxxed’ out there, getting sick from what ever the fucking hell they are ‘shedding’ is not out of the question at all….

And my better half has asked that I take it a bit easy over the next few days, especially at work considering that I am now in full retirement mode… YES, readers, I am now ‘officially’ calling it quits at that place…

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Wind and Solar Can Not Save Europe, Now or Ever

Climate Change Sanity

Wind and solar in Europe 2 December 2022

European countries have installed wind and solar systems to various degrees. The energy crisis that these countries are encountering is primarily due to a shortage of natural gas. If the Alarmists get their way, no one will be allowed to use natural gas. How are we to manage without natural gas. Certainly, the EU nations have thought this through as several EU nations have passed laws that will outlaw natural gas. Or have they?

In Europe, and perhaps globally, Germany is leading the way to banish fossil fuels. The idea is to install wind and solar electricity generating facilities.  Germany has installed wind and solar facilities that have name plate capacity of 127.4 GWs. That much capacity exceeds their electrical demand by almost double.  So why do they care if the Russians have cut off natural gas?  Name plate capacity for wind…

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Stockholm Syndrome or Stanford Prison Experiment – Interpreting the 2022 Victorian election

The Burning Archive

On November 26 2022 Victorians voted in their state election. They had over the previous three years been subjected to some of the harshest COVID laws in the world. Melbourne endured the world’s longest lockdown, and the State Premier, Daniel Andrews, became an international figure of mockery in the alternative media because of his extreme reprimands. At relentless daily press conferences he had told his subjects that they would not remove their masks while sipping wine at an outdoor cafe, and they would not gather in small bands at the seaside to admire the setting sun. Now this leader faced his electorate. What would be the citizens’ democratic verdict? Had he kept them safe? Or was he an abusive tyrant?

Although it had been at least six months since the harshest rhetoric on COVID rules, many dissenting Victorians and national commentators thought that the election would see Andrews’ extreme reprimands…

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Strategic Culture ~> Necessary Illusions – Even the narrative of the EU as a geo-strategic player has now burst

Unorthodox Truth

Europe is destined to become an economic backwater. It has ‘lost’ Russia — and soon China. And is finding it has lost its standing in the world, too, Alastair Crooke writes.

Alastair Crooke December 5, 2022

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Bans On “Assault” Weapons Do Not Reduce Crime

Scattered Shots

Authored by Benjamin Williams via The Mises Institute,

Prominent Democrats, including President Joe Biden, have repeatedly expressed interest in reinstating a federal assault weapons ban.

Biden himself included an assault weapon ban in his 1994 crime bill, which lasted ten years until its expiration in 2004.

Biden has claimed that the ban did its job and reduced mass shootings:

“When we passed the assault weapons ban, mass shootings went down. When the law expired, mass shootings tripled.”

But a detailed review of the data demonstrates that the ban had no real benefits whatsoever, and neither did it lessen the frequency of major shootings.

What Is an Assault Weapon?

Contrary to popular belief, an assault weapons ban does not ban AR- or AK-style rifles. Assault weapons bans focus primarily on the specific functions of these rifles. The1994 ban described assault weapons as semiautomatic rifles that

had the ability to…

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But for US neocons there would be no US taxpayer funded war against Russia. The US “rules-based international order” is on its last non-democratic legs-Mark Wauck

Impeach Obama, McCain and Boehner Today

But for US Neocons there would be no war on Russia.

Robert Kagan’s wife Victoria Nuland hands out sandwiches in Ukraine in Dec. 2013.

11/30/22, Ukraine: The Inflection Point Becomes Clearer, Mark Wauck, Meaning in History

“Over the past several weeks I’ve referred to the emergence of an inflection point—

a corner soon to be turned, if you will,

in the collective West’s war on Russia,

its war for global dominance.

Of course, this has, in a military sense, always been the US war on Russia for global US dominance, enforcement of US rules on global order that is

mandatory for all nations.

The European nations were suckered into this conflict on promises of a quick resolution that would yield important economic benefits. However, no combination of European nations would have dared to enter upon this mad venture

but for the US dragging them into it.

Well, a…

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Most Americans seem to believe we are experiencing a political divide like never before seen in America. Such a belief belies history. Sharp political divide and resulting demonstrations have been a part of the American body politic since the beginning.

In the early 1790s the nascent political parties, Federalists and anti-Federalists (later Jeffersonian Republicans), divided sharply over how to respond to the French Revolution and the French Revolutionary Wars, with Federalists favoring allying with Great Britain and anti-Federalists favoring the French.

President George Washington issued a neutrality proclamation in May of 1793 over the protests of members of both parties. American merchants continued to trade with both England and France.

But as hostilities between England and France escalated the British began seizing American merchant vessels attempting to trade with France. After they had seized hundreds of ships and their cargo, Washington sent Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay to work…

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The Official Brooklyn Bus Redesign is Out

Pedestrian Observations

The MTA just released a draft of the Brooklyn bus redesign it and its consultant had been working on. It is not good. I’m not completely sure why this is – the Queens redesign was a good deal better, and our take on it at the Effective Transit Alliance was decidedly positive. But in the case of Brooklyn, the things that worked in Queens are absent. Overall, the theme of this is stasis – the changes to the network are minor, and the frequencies are to remain insufficiently low for good service. The only good thing about this is stop consolidation, which does not require spending any money on consultants and is a straightforward fix.

This is especially frustrating to me because my first project for Marron, before the Transit Costs Project, was a redesign proposal. The proposal can be read here, with discussion in blog posts here

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The Liberal or Tavistock, Chatham, CIA or MIT Harvard House talking Points in our Globe and Mail.


The lady seems oblivious to mass deportations of Africans by Israeli strongman and 911 mastermind Bibi Netanyahu who even wrote a book on a more interventionists ei war on terror before it happened. Saying she is a zionist can pills or new medicine disguise or change colour but living in a white jewish nation that has very little regard for colour people unless they are in the 1 % but her social life in Israel might suck. The article looks like Zionism is something benevolent but the reality is Theodore Herzel had plans for a state of Israel that involved > before World War One >a war but big wars since Germany had an alliance with Germany meaning the Germans would have stocked to the brim Turkish supplies. Or the Briths were offered numerous times to simply end the war by the Kaiser with return to old borders but…

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“Debt Trap” is a Western Phrase

Not Something Else

What are “Western Interests”? ‘Western interests’ are entities or individuals whose sole aim and desire is to proclaim and uphold the exceptionalism and uniqueness of the original so-called ‘white’ nations, cultures and populations to be superior to, or more desirable than, and to have dominion over, all others.

They used to do this on the basis of values and ethics, strength and achievement. All self-assessed of course and not in any way comparable to anything that could be offered in their stead. There was no sense of ‘join us, and you can be like us’. It was all ‘look at us, admire us, fear us and submit to us’. The alternative didn’t really need to be stated. Oh, there were sometimes gifts of baubles, beads and worthless trinkets – or their equivalent. But any sign of resistance, or even if there were no resistance, resulted in a beating to submission…

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The Origins of the Ancient Greeks

European Origins

  1. Indo-Europeans and Old Europeans
  2. Mycenaeans and Minoans
  3. Troy
  4. The Bronze Age Collapse
  5. Greek Genetics
  6. The Greek Anthropogenic Myth

The Greeks are perhaps the most famous of ancient Europe’s inhabitants, only rivalled by the almighty Romans, who themselves owed a lot to Greek culture, language, science and philosophy. Regarded as the origin of Western civilisation and democracy they have been the subject of extensive research and debate for centuries if not millennia. Interestingly the Greek language is a language isolate within the Indo-European language family without any known living sister languages. Albanian and Armenian have both been suggested to be it’s closed living relatives.

In this article we’re predominantly going to take a look at where the ancient Greeks came from, they’re so called ethnogenesis, although it has to be stated that the ideas in these article are mostly of theoretical nature.

Indo-Europeans and Old Europeans

As an Indo-European population the…

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Where Did this “New World Order” Coup Come From? The Rockefeller’s “Social Engineering Project”

Counter Information

ByJens Jerndal

Global Research, December 05, 2022

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The “New World Order” (NWO) is a social engineering project aimed at reshaping human civilization on Planet Earthin its every aspect, to suit the selfish interests of a small group of billionaires obsessed by greed for power and profit. But also – and no less so – obsessed by their fear of violent hungry and deprived masses ransacking and destroying their properties. And eager to display how superior they are to 99.99 % of their fellow humans – and their ability to beat both Nature, the Universe, and Divine Consciousness at the eternal game of Creation.

The NWO idea grew out of John D. Rockefeller’s business idea, hatched already around 1900, to take on health care and…

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International Blood Bank for the Unvaccinated has been Formed with Members from at Least 16 countries – Demand for “Pure Blood” Skyrockets

The Closed Eye Society

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit: Unvaccinated patients who require transfusions can now access “pure blood” thanks to a new service called “SafeBlood Donation,” which was launched by a Swiss naturopath named George Della Pietra. SafeBlood Donation, which currently has members in at least 16 countries, has the long-term goal of opening blood banks that […]

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‘Green Energy’ Madness : $3.8 Trillion Spent on UNreliables to Reduce Global Fossil Fuel Consumption by One Percent


“Renewable energy technologies simply won’t work;
we need a fundamentally different approach.”

Top Google engineers

Suggesting that renewables will let us phase rapidly off fossil fuels
in the United States, China, India, or the world as a whole
is almost the equivalent of believing in the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.

– James Hansen
(Former NASA-climate chief)

It is so easy to be wrong
—and to persist in being wrong—
when the costs of being wrong are paid by others.

– Thomas Sowell

If there was ever a better (scientific) advertisement for the uselessness of UNreliables (wind and solar) then it is this.

According to economist Jeff Currie of Goldman Sachs, over the past decade, nearly four-thousand-billion-dollars of taxpayer money has been spent on windmills and mirrors to reduce fossil fuel energy consumptionby 1 percent from 82 to 81 percent of overall global energy consumption.


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There Might Be Unpredictable Consequences From Capping Russian Oil

Voice of East

There Might Be Unpredictable Consequences From Capping Russian Oil

By Andrew Korybko

This policy embodies the US-led West’s concept of the so-called “rules-based order” wherein double standards are arbitrarily applied in order to advance the West’s interests. On the one hand, these countries claim to support free trade, while on the other, they’re threatening to sanction those who continue to purchase Russian oil at the market price.

The West plans to enforce its price cap of $60 per barrel on Russian oil beginning 5 December. The stated intent of meddling in this aspect of the oil market is supposedly to deprive Russia of the funds that it requires to continue its special operation in Ukraine. This dramatic move is being undertaken after the West’s sanctions all this year failed to achieve that same objective, but it’s likely to have unpredictable consequences.

Before forecasting what they could be, it’s important to…

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More observations on Russia today

Gilbert Doctorow

In this installment I offer both an observation that may be characterized as totally relevant to the ongoing war and an observation that is timeless and relates to what Russian society and behavior is all about. What these have in common is that they are firsthand observations, based on what I see and hear from real people in St Petersburg during this visit.

The first item comes from a 20-minute chat with a fellow who has been one of my best sources of information on the war thanks to his personal relations with siloviki, meaning in this case military intelligence officers, that go back to his college days and to his initial service as an administrator in the penitentiary system.

As many readers are aware, my pied à terre is a one bedroom apartment in the outlying Petersburg borough of Pushkin, which in pre-Revolutionary times was known as Tsarskoye…

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Oliver Stone pekar ut orsaken till Ukrainakonflikten som egentligen började 2014

Varjager's Weblog

Den prisbelönte filmregissören Oliver Stone, med bland annat filmer som ”Snowden” och de två numera bannlysta dokumentärerna om händelserna i Kiev – ”Ukraine on Fire” 2016 och ”Revealing Ukraine” 2019 – intervjuades av den serbiska dagstidningen Politika inför Röda havets internationella filmfestival (RSIFF) i Jeddah, Saudiarabien, där Stone är juryordförande. I artikeln som publicerades i […]

Oliver Stone pekar ut orsaken till Ukrainakonflikten som egentligen började 2014

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Open Source in Corporate Code Bases

Robert McGrath's Blog

Craig Hale reports that “It’s official – open source software has never been more important”. [2]

What exactly does “important” mean in this context?

For Hale, that means that it is important to big companies.


I mean, I don’t want to discourage companies from using open source software, especially if they are funding open source software.

Github reports the usual huge numbers of contributors and contributions over its site, though most projects have a handful of contributors and users (often the same people), and vast numbers are dormant.

According to Github, perhaps 90% of Fortune 100 companies “use” open source [1].   Something like 1/3 of the companies have an official “open source program office (OSPO)” in their bureaucracy.  Not exactly a free-wheeling open source vibe, but again, if it comes with funding we’ll take it.

Of course, these numbers aren’t quite as Earth-shaking as the enthusiasts…

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